Boş duranı sevmem. Haydi gel lastik sayalım …

Blog açmak kolay olunca, bazı bloglar bir heves ile açılıyor.  Sonra bırakılıyor.  Karpuz değilki, yatarak büyüsün …

Araştırma şirketinde, yazılım projeleri nasıl olur ?

yanıtım kolay değil. Kolay olmadığı için blogu açmayı önerdim.

Araba lastiklerini biliyorsunuz.  Peki düşündünüzmü lastik nasıl sayılır. O kadar basit değil.  Kamyon, otomobil, minibüs trafikde olan araçların lastiklerini saymanız gerekiyor.

Araba kullanırım. Lastik değiştiremem.  Dünyadaki lastik literatürünü okumam gerekti. Artık lastik görünce midem bulanıyor. Lastik değiştirmeyi öğrenmeyeceğim. Bu kesindir :)

Pazar araştırma dünyasındaki çözümlere ilişkin, bir blog idi. yazıyı buraya taşıdım. Belki buradan devam ederim.


One response to “Boş duranı sevmem. Haydi gel lastik sayalım …


    What were the Turc adwerbs about informations & knowledge tecnics? What were the Turc adwerbs and prowerbs on theatre and music? What are the informations and knowledges? What can be portance of cinemateque culture? What are the means of the learning, teaching, understanding relatıvely epic Bertolt Brecht? Must we call him as ‘breh breh’? Why there is not one head-teacher university? Is the attendance of name of Mustapha Kemal Atatürk; ‘Allah’?
    Are the systema representors satelites; the representors of ‘God’? Are they every second as ındıvudual, at regard of us such as God? Do you want to say ‘He, diye’? Are you votist socials as communal communicational? What is my state number? Are principes belong to priences?
    What are the main principals of republicas due to Bertrand Russel? How can be consumators of Turc reclam films which country is counted last province after Alasca? Are they tricotager and trucagers?
    How can be the communal communications? How can be internationalist and nationalist ? What can be fashıst fashıon for futurist future? Are food of football fruit to feathure of father? What are other means of articles, magazines?
    Are the daughters of neighbours the doctors ? Are sociologs socialists? What are equalism? Are equalities like at islamism under the god?
    Can we live without contradiction as open new bancas and new armies as earning the moneys? Are dictas of dictators; dictionairel dictions?
    Is rıchness at the last letra ‘Z’ and Africa or at densital darks?
    These similer questions are problems of the professors from third World abroad origen coin money boursier university students at west Europa or Usa.
    The all things if there were at rubbish boxes could acceted as antique. The all hand-mades could admitted most valuable too. The new employments were village birth place police societies at new city blog plages.

    The dirty, old, unknown everythings were entering to midnight darkness towards to 2000 and after that date the every things would be begin to opening to lights slowly. The social novelty as artificial, could be accept liedership of Africa and Chine at that new stage due to intellegencia.
    The capitalism had came to point of open the fabrics of fabrics at third world by directing the third World country birth places owner proffessors or politiciens.
    The production increasing as built the fabricas of fabricas at third world countries crises could be solved by doing-making glad and happy as acceting admitting the wants, wishes, requests of every groupal parts with built modern new centers at abrods.
    So; by these usurpages of methotes there is not reel remain contradictions, fights, wars today.
    The everbody could opened for their own selves the new channals, schools, universities, culturel centers, airplane links as antilaique. The every different culturel gropus could do their special programmes. Every persons could success test theirselves at every professions and at every levels. Everyone could eat the all kind of meats and fruits.
    Capitalism accept the doing every thing of everbody in satisfaction after communicative revulation. Every things were at consumations. All of these events were one kind of socialism.
    We could return and look that all the things were amator, melange, antilaique, wrong, falsa, error, uncorrectible.
    That is the one interesting solution that there is not one another similer example at the history.
    Whether this scientist who was under all kind of cencurasatings of the populist publicational publics who is as sytyle still at same points and at same discours. He is originally scientist especially from natural science. He do not be profet of the criminative guilties for forgive them ever. Perhaps they might speak lingua latine or secret creationed language at special islands between their similers.
    Değer İskender (Valor Alexander)

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