Turkish Progressive Music presents : Bülent Ortaçgil


Barış Manço,

Cem Karaca,

Bülent Ortaçgil ve diğerleri

bunların hepsi ve daha fazlasını anlatan bir site

barış mançocem karaca


basit, içeriği dolu ve ingilizce. Ben sitedeki yazılar sayesinde pek çok hikayeyi çevirmekten kurtuldum. Buradan alıntıları verdim.

site ile ilgili açıklama aşağıda

These pages became a kind of Encyclopedia of Turkish Progressive / psychedelic Music. Thanks to the help of several people through the net these pages became and become more and more interesting. Therefore I would like to thank Erkan Demirel (webmaster of several interesting websites), Gökhan Aya, Ozan Durmus (for his contribution of information, music, photographs & some graphic art), Murat Ses (keyboardplayer, composer from Mogollar), Cem Leftalicioglu (collector of Turkish music), Savas Manço (brother of Baris Manco), Winfried Schlögel (publisher of several Turkish Prog reissues), Sarp Keskiner (for being the in between contact with Ada Music and for the books of Cem and Erkin by Gökhan, for some information), Hakan Tuna (for his remarks), Peter Holt for editing/ keeping updated the Cem Karaca pages, Marthy J. Coumans for cooperation in the radioshows & some help with the article, information and some scans, Ender Ayanoglu, Aykut Celik for his proposition for promised editing, updating, information in near future, Oguz Hasdogru for the Ersen scans and for collecting important music material, Omur Solendil (Izmir Koleji) and friend Dr.Mehmet Ilker Gelisen for updates, and the Dönüsüm recordings, Üner Altay (DDR) for some contacts to a few new groups.
I hope these pages will give more and more a good overview of the unique blend Turkish progressive music brings to us. I’m very thankful to anyone who can help me building these pages out even more. Most of the music in these pages were or are being played in my radioshow. First big overview was done mostly between September and Oktober 2001. New radioprograms follow from time to time. A first resume of the information on the Web Pages was published in an article in the n°22 edition of the Finnish progressive music magazine Colossus, in Finnish, a second overreview was published in 2 parts in Dutch in the Belgian new music magazine Ruis.

Turkish progressive/psychedelic music mostly blends perfectly traditional (folk) tunes with Western rock instruments. Turkey often worked as a bridge (with Greece as extra doorstep) between the European and Middle Eastern source and influences.
Unique in this blend is a great feeling for rhythm, a rhythm which has for sure also often influences on a kind of playing in the electric bas-line in a way I heard this only with Turkish groups. For me the bass line of Mogollar on Anadolu Pop made me hooked with interest for Turkish music. Collecting Turkish music is not always an easy task. There exist many compilations (many of them are not even official) of mostly singles with very nice songs to Western progressive music standarts. Some of these are combined with more kitchy & less interesting tunes for our common taste. Until recently (2005) it was more or less hard to find reissues of the most interesting items. Perhaps partly thanks to a contribuition of these pages it will change.


4 responses to “Turkish Progressive Music presents : Bülent Ortaçgil

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